About Us

CPEP is the voice of Canada’s sustainable poultry and egg processors, feeding Canadians safe and nutritious food.

We are the national association representing the interests of all major hatcheries, egg graders and processors, and chicken and turkey processors across Canada. 

We support the work of our members, who buy their products from Canadian farmers and transform them into the high-quality, nutritious chicken, turkey, and egg products that Canadians know and love. Our members process over 90% of the poultry and egg products consumed in Canada.


CPEP members fall into different categories, or sectors, depending on their role in the poultry and egg supply chain:

  • Hatcheries buy fertilized chicken and turkey eggs, incubate them until they hatch, and then sell the new chicks or poults to Canadian chicken or turkey farmers.
  • Chicken primary processors purchase live chickens from Canadian chicken farmers and process them for wholesale, retail sale, and further processing. 
  • Turkey primary processors purchase live turkeys from Canadian turkey farmers and process them for wholesale, retail sale, and further processing.
  • Egg graders pick up fresh eggs from Canadian egg farmers wash and grade them and distribute them to retail and restaurants.
  • Egg processors process fresh eggs into liquid egg, powdered egg, frozen egg products, and ready-to-eat items for retail and restaurants.  
  • Further poultry processors purchase raw chicken and turkey meat and transform them into food products.  

Our association is governed by our board of directors, which includes representatives from each of our six sectors. Our Board works together to advance the common interests of all CPEP members and the poultry and egg supply chain.

At the core of our work is collaboration. Our team of experts works closely with our members, as well as government, farmers, and other stakeholders to identify opportunities and address roadblocks to a sustainable poultry and egg supply chain for Canada.

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