Processor Members

Canadian Poultry & Egg Processors’ work ensures that Canada’s regulatory and business environment supports a sustainable, thriving poultry and egg processing industry. Our team of experts works with CPEP members and industry stakeholders to identify opportunities for a strong Canadian poultry and egg industry and advocate for solutions to the issues facing its processors. 

CPEP membership offers opportunities to: 

  • Shape public policy. Members are encouraged to participate in CPEP committees and provide input on CPEP responses to government consultations that impact the poultry and egg industry. 
  • Access technical expertise. CPEP’s dedicated staff are responsible for technical files such as CFIA inspection, food safety/pathogen control, and regulatory requirements. We are available to assist members in understanding regulation and resolving issues with CFIA.
  • Engage with supply management boards and their processes. CPEP staff engage regularly with the national farmer groups (Chicken Farmers of Canada, Turkey Farmers of Canada, Egg Farmers of Canada, and Canadian Hatching Egg Producers), in addition to having member representatives sit on their boards. Staff and board representatives always welcome members’ thoughts and recommendations on key issues for their sectors, such as production levels, animal welfare, and operational issues. 
  • Stay in the loop. Receive CPEP’s bi-weekly newsletter, providing updates with relevant news for the poultry industry. Also, receive regular sector-specific updates, including market information such as TRQ use, storage stocks, wholesale prices, and more.
  • Keep in touch. The CPEP annual convention provides members with an opportunity to network with industry colleagues including potential suppliers and customers.

Our members include just under 170 establishments across the six sectors of Canada’s poultry and egg industry, as well as almost 60 associate members who represent the companies and groups who support and supply sector members.

Associate Members

CPEP also offers associate membership to companies that provide products and services to Canada’s poultry and egg processing sectors. 

Associate membership provides companies with opportunities to connect with poultry and egg processors and keep track of key issues facing the industry. 

Associate members receive our bi-weekly newsletter and are invited to attend and sponsor our Annual General Meeting and annual convention held each June. CPEP also welcomes associate members to connect with our sector directors and attend Poultry Operations Technical Committee meetings and workshops. 

For more information on becoming a CPEP member, contact: