Canada's poultry and egg processors are committed to delivering high-quality and nutritious products for Canadians. CPEP and its members work closely with Canada's farmers to ensure that, from farm to fork, the industry is sustainable, and meets the care and quality standards that Canadian consumers expect.

This commitment has helped to make chicken, turkey and eggs Canadians' favourite proteins. Each year Canadians consume, per capita, 15.19 kilograms of eggs, 34.77 kilograms of chicken and 3.78 kilograms of turkey on average. 

Our diverse industry employs 33,000 people and generates over $11.6 billion in sales1 through the work of processors in six sectors: 

  • Chicken and turkey processors purchase live birds from Canadian farmers and process them for wholesale, retail sale and further processing.
  • Egg graders pick up fresh egg from Canadian farmers and grade and distribute them to retail and foodservice.
  • Egg processors transform shell eggs into liquid egg, powdered egg, frozen products and ready to eat items for retail and foodservice. 
  • Hatcheries source fertilized chicken and turkey eggs for incubation and hatching and then sell the birds to Canadian chicken and turkey farmers and egg farmers. 
  • Further poultry processors transform raw turkey and chicken meat into innovative foods for retail and foodservice markets. 

Canada’s poultry and egg processors invest in land, equipment, and facilities as well as in research and  development to keep up with Canadian poultry and egg demand and grow the market. 

Canada’s poultry and egg sectors operate in a system of supply management. Canada’s chicken,  turkey and egg processors, egg graders and hatcheries purchase their primary input – live chickens and turkeys, shell eggs and broiler hatching eggs – from Canada’s supply-managed farmers. 

CPEP and its members support the supply management system and are committed to building the long-term competitiveness of the Canadian poultry and egg industry.

1. 2021